Teaching Families to Self-Repair.

Hilla first invites each family member to introduce the challenges and issues affecting them within the family setting. We introduce open communications to observe, analyze and discuss difficult, painful family dynamics toward equitable resolution. It’s a process of educating participants in respectful engagement, where everyone feels comfortable discussing and resolving conflicts. 

Therapy Services

Psychotherapy for Families & Couples

I have seen remarkable change happen, with families working their way through all sorts of crises and situations – from age-related conflict, illness, job loss and financial stress to immigration trauma, and other forms of familial discord.

A new sense of optimism

Most families tend to require only a few sessions and can then continue the work on their own. Participants leave feeling relieved, not because every problem was resolved on the spot, rather because they now have the tools necessary to resolve them together as a family. 

The freedom to speak honestly with each other

Family therapy provides a format to talk through the un-talked about – the things that underlie the secrecy, harshness and miscommunication that afflicts well-meaning people in ordinary families.

Psychotherapy for couples: Back to beginnings

For many couples, the path to resolution lies in clarifying why they’re seeking help, what drew them to each other to begin with, then seeing if it’s possible to rekindle the love and care that remain. Sometimes it takes a few sessions to uncover whether or not the commitment to the relationship remains. Then Hilla will engage the couple through the resolution techniques best suited to their situation. 

“So many issues can seem unbearably heavy and unresolvable to couples and families. As they begin to speak honestly with each other, most issues begin to resolve by themselves.”

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Let me start helping you habitually apply what we practice in therapy to your daily life and its many interactions. My goal is to enable each family member to grow stronger, steer clear of limiting tendencies and inhabit calmer, less chaotic versions of themselves and the family dynamic.

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