Elevate Your Practice, and Yourself.

Among the last of the old-schoolers, Hilla trained at Maryland School of Social Work. She has continued along a trajectory of life-long learning and professional development. Hilla’s expertise and willingness to take her subjects beyond rote orthodoxy enable both new and seasoned psychotherapists to evolve their professional capacities. 

Therapy Services

Supervision & Consultation for Individual Therapists

Age is an asset

Hilla brings qualities to supervision that enrich the experience for participants: Many years of living and practicing; a healthy dose of humour; and plenty of self-reflection. She enjoys sharing the wisdom of her years and all the knowledge that goes along with it. An abundance of playfulness, generosity and patience are always evident in her teaching style. As is a gentle and direct approach.

Countertransference is an ever-present risk for therapists, as it compromises clinical thinking and leads to burnout. I train therapists to observe and better tolerate the noise and feelings that arise in them during client sessions. This enables them to reduce anxiety, to avoid becoming overwhelmed when sitting with clients.”


Explore Professional Development

Hilla is offering a new series of continuing education classes for all levels of therapist. These include:

  • Ongoing Monthly Group Supervision Meetings (up to six participants per group)
  • Group Process for Group Facilitators (up to 15 participants per group)
  • Training for Supervisors and Future Supervisors 
  • Ongoing Classes on Various Topics for Therapists (up to 15 participants per group)