Discover Life After Trauma, Loss or Pain.

As an experienced Toronto therapist, Hilla offers a comfortable environment where clients can connect with and process the emotions, fears, challenges and issues impacting their lives. Hilla offers the wisdom, guidance and support her clients need to experience constructive personal change and growth.

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Hilla Keren, MSW, RSW Therapist in Toronto

Who is Hilla?

Meet Hilla Keren, MSW, RSW

Hilla combines more than 20 years’ experience in individual, couples, group and family therapy with a passion for helping people achieve true healing. Hilla leads with her heart, integrating her unique blend of theory, skills and knowledge into an intuitive process that goes beyond talk therapy.

She draws upon modalities such as expressive arts therapy, meditation, movement, music, and journaling to help her clients connect with their deeper, often harder to access, feelings.

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How I Can Help

Therapy Services


For Individuals

You’re in possession of a working body, mind and soul, but are feeling bogged down by an undesirable emotional state or creative block. You’ve decided you’re ready to work through it with an empathetic, deeply experienced therapist who can help you get unstuck. You’d love a quick fix, but are realistic enough to accept that resolution may not happen overnight. 

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For Families & Couples

You are having difficulties as a family or couple, and wish to break through a communications deadlock, resolve conflict, trauma or other sticking points. Hilla gives families and couples an easy-to-master system for all participants to discuss painful matters in a non-judgmental, neutral format at home. 

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Supervision for therapists

Supervision for Therapists (group)

Hilla runs monthly group courses for therapists who have graduated and wish to keep in tune with best practices and hone techniques in a group setting. These are invitation-only group settings where the main focus is on helping therapists become the best they can be in their profession. 

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therapy workshops

Supervision for Therapists (individual)

You are a psychotherapist encountering professional roadblocks or ethical conundrums with your clients, and would like supervision or advice. 

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Therapy & Supervision Rates

Hilla offers the guidance and support her clients need, and is happy to discuss service rates with you.

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Let me start helping you habitually apply what we practice in therapy to your daily life and its many interactions. My goal is to enable each family member to grow stronger, steer clear of limiting tendencies and inhabit calmer, less chaotic versions of themselves and the family dynamic.

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